Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I recently received an email from collector Jennifer Trimble who had an interesting story about how she obtained the two M. Devoe paintings shown above.

It turns out that Jennifer recently bought 15-20 framed paintings for the frames - she was not interested in what the frames contained.  When she was deconstructing two of the frames she said that something didn't feel right about them. When she finished taking them apart she could see that someone had put paintings in the frames over whatever was already in the two frames. And what was in the two frames?  The two M. Devoe flower paintings shown above.  Jennifer knew nothing about M. Devoe or their paintings until she found this blog.

As we have seen before, Devoe's paintings of flowers are not as common as their paintings of tropical birds.  Jennifer gladly offered to share photos of her two Devoe paintings and so here they are.  

We know there are more Devoe paintings out there - let's hope that someone can also uncover the story of M. Devoe  so they mystery surrounding him or her can finally be resolved.

Thanks again to Jennifer Trimble for sharing her Devoe paintings with us.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

2 FLAMINGOS FROM 1948 by M. Devoe

Here are two flamingo painting by M. Devoe. Offered by ebay Seller yardsaledale for $199.00 "Buy it Now."  Each painting is 16" x 20." What makes these unique is that the original owner taped a note to the back of one of the paintings. The note said:

"Carol Ann
We bought these pictures when we moved into this house in 1948."

All along we have been calling these Devoe paintings "mid-century" - now we have proof. Still wish we could find out a little more about M. Devoe...

Friday, July 15, 2016


Here are two mid-century flamingos, each in its own frame.  I have not seen these before - very nice.  They are being offered in July, 2016 on ebay by Seller littlehouseofplenty for $250.00 "Buy it Now."  Each one is 16" x 20" framed.